Akela Global

Concept of Third Party Maintenance

Akela Global provides thorough upkeep and support for a variety of IT hardware, including servers, storage systems, networking tools, and other enterprise IT assets, all over the world.

Key information provided to customers by Akela Global regarding IT third-party maintenance services:

  • Savings:

    When compared to OEM maintenance contracts, TPM services can result in significant cost savings. Businesses may minimise their IT maintenance costs while still getting great service thanks to Akela Global's more flexible pricing choices and lower maintenance fees.

  • Extended Equipment Lifespan:

    Akela Global offers to extend the end-of-service-life (EOSL) dates of IT equipment beyond those set by the OEM. In order to assist businesses in maximising their return on investment and avoiding expensive hardware replacements, we can continue to provide maintenance and support for older equipment models.

  • Customised Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

    Akela Global provides adaptable SLAs made to suit each company's own requirements. In order to ensure that the maintenance services meet the needs and goals of the organisation, SLAs can be tailored depending on response times, service availability, and coverage options.

  • Experienced and Skilled experts:

    We hire highly skilled experts who focus on maintaining and repairing a variety of IT equipment. In order to ensure effective troubleshooting and problem resolution, these experts frequently have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in managing a variety of hardware issues.

  • Rapid Response and On-Site Support:

    We provide on-site support when required and quick response times. By quickly resolving hardware faults and offering immediate assistance to remedy urgent problems, we work to reduce downtime.

  • Support for Hardware from Multiple Vendors:

    With the ability to manage IT equipment from different manufacturers, Akela Global offers support for hardware from many vendors under a single maintenance contract. For companies with diverse IT infrastructures, this streamlines maintenance management.

  • Focus on client Service:

    We place a great value on client satisfaction and are committed to providing top-notch service. To respond to questions, offer assistance, and guarantee a great customer experience throughout the maintenance process, they frequently employ specialised customer support teams.