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Concept of Wireless Site Survey

Ekahau Wireless Site Survey (Ekahau WSS) is software created to assist Wireless Engineers in conducting thorough wireless network site inspections, designing wireless networks, and improving their performance. Wireless network planning and implementation make extensive use of it.

To complete the tasks listed below, an Akela Global Wireless Engineer will travel onsite.

Akela Global conducts site surveys to evaluate and examine the coverage, signal strength, interference, and other important aspects of wireless networks. In order to locate coverage holes, dead zones, and signal-poor locations, it offers visualisations and heatmaps.

  • Predictive Planning:

    Using the most recent Ekahau software, our skilled engineers are able to simulate and build wireless networks prior to their actual deployment. The report calculates the anticipated coverage and performance of the wireless network based on the input of floor plans, building materials, and other pertinent information.
    Ekahau WSS can be used by wireless engineers to perform capacity planning for wireless networks. The software assists in choosing the ideal positioning and configuration of access points to satisfy capacity needs by simulating various scenarios and calculating the number of connected devices.
    Engineers can locate and assess sources of interference that could impair the functionality of wireless networks by using Ekahau. Find and fix problems brought on by interference from non-Wi-Fi sources, problems caused by nearby Wi-Fi networks, and other potential signal degradation sources.

  • Real-Time Spectrum Analysis

    To enable real-time spectrum analysis, the programme integrates with spectrum analyzers. Our professionals are capable of locating and resolving interference problems caused by both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi, which enables more precise planning and wireless network optimisation.

  • Reporting and documentation:

    Akela Global produces comprehensive reports and documentation, which include coverage maps, signal strength information, the findings of interference analyses, and suggestions for network enhancements. For network planning, troubleshooting, and compliance needs, these reports are an invaluable source of information.

  • Collaboration and Integration:

    Akela Global encourages collaboration with other regularly used platforms and solutions for managing wireless networks. It promotes teamwork by enabling the easy exchange of project files, information, and perspectives.
    For its intuitive user interface, cutting-edge functionality, and precision in wireless network planning and optimisation, Ekahau WSS is well-known in the industry. We guarantee dependable and effective wireless networks by offering insightful information on signal coverage, interference, and capacity needs.